Outreach to the Community

The Peace Mission Churches operated Six Hotels even as they did The Divine Tracy Hotel
at 20 South 36th Street with its Keyflower Dinning Room cafeteria for 57 years and
many sorority and fraternity homes as well as other business ventures which are all operated as a
quality and affordable outreach to the community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York
and Of course the Churches and followers around the world continue to serve the public

An autumn stroll at
The Mount of the House of the Lord.

An autumn stroll at The Mount of the House of the Lord.

From 1953, Woodmont, owned and operated by The Palace Mission Church had been open to the public three days annually on the Anniversary of its dedication, and in addition, since the dedication of the Shrine To life in September, 1968, every Sunday afternoon between the hours of one and five.

Update note: At the present time the Woodmont Estate (The Mount of the House of the Lord) is open to the public every Sunday from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October from 1 PM to 5 PM. There is no charge and gifts and tips are not accepted. There are no collections or collection boxes. Special tours at other times can be arranged. If for any reason we would not be opened notice will be posted.

In the summer of 1976, Woodmont was open every afternoon for visitors to the area during the country's Bicentennial Celebration. There has never been any charge for admission nor tips or fees allowed for tours.




Children from the Philadelphia Public School System.

Children from the Philadelphia Public School System

People come to Woodmont for many reasons, among them being:

1. To praise and worship GOD in the Highest Manifestation ever known on earth.

2. To visit the Shrine to life to give honor and respect to FATHER DIVINE.

.3. To sit down at the Table in the Chapel Dining Room as a guest of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE

and break bread together with people of various national, racial and social backgrounds.

4. To take a guided tour of House, Shrine and Grounds and learn of the Work and Mission of FATHER DIVINE.

5. To observe the perfection of the material beauty and grandeur of Woodmont and then take it as a standard of living attainable by anyone who chooses to apply the Divine Law.

6. To contemplate and meditate in the solitude of the Shrine, along Woodmont's many winding paths and at various beauty spots.

7. To take a guided tour of a fine example of French Gothic Architecture built in America's ictorian period.

Tourists from Sayville, Long Island, NY.

Tourists from Sayville, Long Island, NY.

8. To study the work of William Price as a student of architecture.

9. To study the work of Donald Delue as a student of sculpture and fine art.

10. To enjoy the greenhouses, various gardens and wooded areas of the spacious grounds in all seasons.

11. To picnic on the grounds and enjoy its recreational facilities as youngsters from the inner city. This is a Group from the Philadelphia Public School System.

12. To appreciate the wildlife which inhabits the sanctuary afforded by the ponds and wooded areas.